Tory interview runs on tears

saf2008 27/06/2019 The Gurdian BTL commentJohn Crace political sketch.This is not my writing but so delicious it deserves tribute and conservation. Tonight at the Tory Hustings (kind of) Hannah Vaughan Jones: “Mr Cu… Hunt, why should you be PM?”Hunt: “I will be the first ever PM with a background as an entrepreneur and I will be … Read moreTory interview runs on tears

Success and simplicity

Arthur C. Brooks, ‘Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think’, Atlantic Monthly (June 2019) Refreshingly thoughtful article about living to compete to stay at peak until the last gasp vs. understanding the life cycle, and valuing stages which are not peak achievement. Brooks refers to the Hindu triadic life pattern: trainee, materialist, … Read moreSuccess and simplicity

Shan lifetimes

Born just postwar 1949 country childhood in south Essex on an old feudal estate. A sturdy little girl with brown plaits, freely roaming the farm fields. The small village school of Great Warley would one day guide a 21stC education project.My mother was an extraordinarily beautiful and fascinating woman. She taught me pride in being … Read moreShan lifetimes


2017 John first, early December, collapsing with anaemia. We did not know it just seemed like a nasty persistent bug. Nearly lost him. Never saw anyone go through A&E so fast. Brave John. Magic juice Rituximab sluiced in his veins marks the cancer cells so they seem like foreign invaders. His own immune system then … Read moreCancer