House of the Goddess

I set up House of the Goddess in 1985 and ran it until 2001.
There quickly developed a Clan Council. Together we provided ‘contact, support, learning and celebration’ for Pagans and the likeminded. There were lots of events and an eventful history which I will tell here.

HoG as it became known to those who loved it, grew out of my first independent project ‘Tabbies’ a women’s retreat, in London. So that dear story is to be here as well, four golden years 1980-85.
After a decade of HoG in 1996 I made a website
and I will remake it here as an archive. (At the moment that URL doesn’t work but it will connect to here when I fix it.)

This site section for HoG will tell the story of a modern priestess and her temple at an important time of liberation in society generally.