How girls (and boys) are used (up)

I was reading about a new film about Christine Keeler and it threw up the real, brutal meaning of “abuse” which trains so many young people into a kind of slavery.
She was ‘abused’ by her stepfather, and then pregnant at 15 by a boyfriend. Now sex when growing up (unless with another child with equal power) teaches two lessons.
1) That you are made to be used for sex. That is your purpose. You will increasingly dress sexy, act sexy, seek out sex with different people. That is your life, what you do.
2) That you are made to obey. That is your purpose. A child (mostly) obeys its elders so it does so in the case of abuse. Obedience is Good so obeying sex demands is Good. Maybe hard but then some things a child must do are hard. Plus many children do feel sexual, biologically, playfully, and if that is taken, used by an older person for their own needs, the child learns its most private places belong to another.Obedience is life.

This is why abused children and young people end up so easily in porn and prostitution. In that world my value is the paid price I get. I am proud I get paid a high price. I crave my users approval. I love the pretty things hat make them want me, use me. I am proud of my pathetic, tiny piece of sex power.
Add in how most girls, and some shyer boys, don’t learn to say No about anything much at all, don’t comprehend they must say No loud and clear, and get nasty about it if necessary, and there is an army of soft, easily dominated young people, needy, all eady to take and use.
So there is a mass of readymade partners eager to go into domestic abuse, domestic violence, all for the sake of a little attention and niceness at the beginning.
Then for those already abused, the familiar thing starts up, dominance,bullying, limits, slave life. So familiar from before so there is no warning moment that says hey what the hell are you doing?
Very quickly the child settles into some new form of being used. Abused children don’t grow up. They just find new users.

The pattern is clear to see in a great many “stars” the beautiful packaged faces and bodies, used, used up, by media industries. Alcohol, drugs, help to keep the blessed numbness going if the self tries to grow, if it starts to realise it is used and humiliated.
The pattern is also clear in most too-early pregnancies, in teenage suicides, teenage drugs, alcohol, in the fragile pretty people who smile and smile in their slavery.

Sexual abuse creates slaves.

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