This section of my shansweb is for John. He helped me go online in 1996 when being me I panicked and couldn’t make it work. His is one of the first websites I made, for his work making model boats. In those days I was working in raw html, and a few javascripts. It’s not a template website, definitely a little different, and my favourite of all the sites I made as a design.
John the Sailor’ aka John Davies is a top model boat builder of Britain (second only to Malcolm Darch) and well known internationally . John has published lots of articles about the craft but stubbornly resists doing a book.
WARNING After 50 years at the bench, John is officially retired. He’ll still answer emails and direct you to what you need. He especially welcomes anyone who likes Bristol pilot cutters.

A Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter in her element
Archive site with Gallery, email John Davies.