New Year 2020

Why are there no black edged news pages? Why no symbolic coffins carried through the streets?
I wrote to Paull Flynn, after the Brexit referendum because I was terrified of the future for my family but emigration was so difficult towards the end of my life. He replied, it will take time. People need to see the result actually happening to them before they can understand what they have done to themselves.
He was right, evidently. But people are already dying in their thousands because of the Tories. Children are starving. Malnutrition diseases have returned and other illness or injury takes longer to heal because of weakened bodies. People die before they can move up the queue for a hospital bed. Already a Bill is being introduced to strip food quality protection and workers rights. Today it is reported critical care beds for children must close in hospitals.How much do people need to see before they can see?
They won’t be allowed to see, even if when is brutally obvious. Tories are well versed in the blame game – it’s the EU, it’s Corbyn, it’s scroungers, it’s immigrants, it’s single mothers … Never them. (they’ll still say it’s Corbyn in 5 years’ time). They are in charge, responsible, in the job, but it’s never them. The media floods with tits tits tits, scandal, murders, urging debt, distracting, overwhelming, films and arts full of junk same messages. Without proper education (cuts) few can see through it.

It is very unlikely I shall live to see a decent society here again. We live as a tiny, fragile bubble of peace and sanity but we still have to live in this ghastly society. Our microscopic bubble could be smashed very easily. They will not act on climate change and this year is critical. The future for my dearest son is horror.

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