Sky Fall Dec 12

December 12 2019 the sky fell. Whether it can be rebuilt in my lifetime (another 20 years maybe) I do not know.

Government fails to feed the children = FAILURE.
Government that fails to ensure its people have homes = FAILURE.
Government leaving millions in pain, or dying too soon = FAILURE.
Government protecting tax evaders, selling our valuable national services to foreigners, = FAILURE.
They are taking our pay, but failing the job.

Yet people voted them in – again.
Because this Government lies every time it speaks. 80% of Tory statements in their campaign was lies.
Because Tories own most of the mainstream press, stuffing it with lies.
Because they ramp up fear and hysteria, play divide and rule, push hating as patriotic.
Because people who are hungry, stressed, unhealthy, frightened, despairing, are easy to manipulate.

Because Labour failed to keep it simple.
*People aren’t educated in investment economics. We had an excellent statement – “You can’t grow an economny by cutting it.” It disappeared.
*People don’t know what “Take back control” means. Take back our NHS, water, nuclear power, transport services, education system, aviation, postal services, and all the rest.
*Last minute policies look like bribes. Stick to a short list and keep repeating it.
*Remember people have been starved of services by ‘austerity’. They think going without is normal. Too much too fast looks scary and unrealistic even if it’s actually mending the broken thing.
*Stop the long speeches, and the long sentences. Keep it short (250 words max 5 words best). Keep it simple.

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