Ty Non – disability

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THIS PAGE 3 is about disability needs.

GROUND FLOOR APARTMENT. Owner is limited mobility, and partially deaf.
LOCATION Top of Glastonbury High St. Access to cafes, shops is immediately out of the door.
TRANSPORT Coach & bus stop immediately outside door (Bristol airport, Bristol Temple Meads, Wells, Street).
Parking, one hour drop off opposite side of street, drivers good at allowing me to cross.
Car park, metered, behind building, ticketed. Carer can also use dropoff at front door take in bags, then park free about 5 mins ordinary walk away.

WHEELCHAIR Front door 34″/ 86.36cm wide (I looked it up and standard wheelchair access is 32″).
Front hall 36″ wide and lengthy so has good space to organise chair. If necessary could leave chair unfolded I think.
OTHER DOORWAYS Not sure, think not wheelchair.
STEP One step between bedroom and bathroom. I can do it when I am on a weak day holding on to wall each side to step up. Stepping down there is a sold chest of drawers to hold.
With a bit of advance warning I can open up another door without step, and you go through neighbour’s hall at the back to access bathroom.
SEATING The day bed in the front room is higher than ordinary seating, and has high sides to hold when getting up. Seating pad is comfortable, firm not hard.
Large solid cushions to support back.

Wing chair also good height, firm seat.
Blue couch by window is lower. I can exit it pushing on its arm right at the end but the day bed is easier.
BED AT NIGHT Four poster in bedroom is lovely but recommend using day bed at weaker times at night because of height. However bedroom is next to bathroom if toilet needed quickly.
Day bed can be opened into king size bed, bedding in its storage drawers, duvet already in cover. (I only put bedding there if I know someone intends to use it.)
DINING Dining table chairs are wooden slatted, stable, without cushion seats. There is a flattish gold cushion on the day bed if that suits you.
Open backs, might like to use a brown pouffe to support back.
BATH Three corner type good support for back. Grab rail. Strong door handle also good for holding steady. Nonslip mat. Hairwash shower on taps gives a small body shower. (Note water runs very hot)
KITCHEN Compact so everything is within reach without moving about.
Window seat beside work area can be used for taking little breaks to get things done in stages.
Grill and Microwave is eye level. But the fridge has food storage below freezer so does need bending to look. (Planning to get a better one soon)
HEATING Powerful gas central heating, manual control to adjust as you prefer.
Two hot water bottles, fluffy covers, supplied, comforting for sore bits. Large king size fluffy extra blanket. Extra mobile oil radiator to trundle and use wherever needed.
MENTAL EFFECT The apartment has very thick mediaeval walls (2.5 ft) which create an enclosed, peaceful feeling. My choice of colours and furniture is quiet and traditional and solid which also adds to a secure, calm feeling. It can be an effort to go out because it is so restful. You have been warned.
TREATMENTS The Foot Clinic is right opposite. I have used them myself and they are kind, calm, and well qualified.
Boots chemist including prescriptions, is a few steps down the street.
Many other treatments, massage, reiki, spirituality: Glastonbury is famous for this.
NHS clinic a few minutes drive away( (taxis an option)
I recently had a Lymphatic Drainage which has had a striking effect although a gentle treatment. Painless and effective for injury, prep for surgery or recovery, infections, persistent fatigue, stress, depression. My alertness and energy have greatly increased. Healing from my surgery has been remarkable which I am sure is due to this. I can give contact details (not in Glastonbury but not far away to drive).
WALKING outside often has a slight gradient around the High St. this is not steep. However that is enough to be tiring on some days. Going out the slope is downward.
There are public seats half way along by the Coop supermarket, and I make use of window sills, and an old milestone by the Post Office on days I am weaker. I can provide a list of perching places.
When I am a bit stronger I can walk through the back to the car park; otherwise my carer brings car to front.
TOILETS OUTSIDE I am making a list. There are many cafes and the staff are friendly about using toilets. Two car parks have toilets. One is behind the High St midway down, passage through beside Rainbows End (they have toilet, but you’d need to be a customer). Second car park by the Abbey. (Map needed here)

See page 1 for introductory description & photos.
Page 2 for practical matters, Page 5 for Prices.
Page 4 History of the house.
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Celtic mediaeval apartment, Glastonbury High St.

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Celtic mediaeval apartment, Glastonbury High St.