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For introduction, description, main photos, see Ty Non PAGE 1
PAGE 3 for disability details. PAGE 4 History of the house. PAGE 5 PRICES
This page here is about practical matters and things that might not suit you. Please email any queries.

– The owner or her trusted assistant personally meets each guest on arrival at an agreed time, to help settle in.
– A detailed Guide document is supplied with A-Z list of where things are in the apartment.
Also includes nearby resources (cafes, pub, organic food & health coop, chemist, laundry service, post office, cash machine, small good quality supermarket, large supermarkets, bookshops, cinema, local listings, etc)
– The owner knows Glastonbury very well and is happy to advise on where to go, where to find things, if asked. Some basic information is included in the A-Z Guide supplied.
Also friendly neighbour upstairs is an experienced local guide http://tintagic.com/ Local trips or explore Glastonbury.
– Owner responds fast to messages, checking about every 2 hours often hourly.

Please email any queries.

FREE PARKING on another street 5 -7 mins walk away.
immediately opposite on High St.
TICKETED CAR PARK right behind house a few mins walk along path. 9am – 6pm seven days a week. FREE 6pm – 9am.
Tickets 1 hr £1.10 /2 hrs £1.50 /3 hrs £2 /4 hrs £2.70 /All day £5:90.
TAXIS – CJW 01458 833106 / M&J 01458 741950 / TOR 07891 488218 and more.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT Bus & coach stop just outside the building both sides. National coach London. Local bus 376 to Wells, Bristol, Street, out of door, on left. Trains from Bristol. Airport at Bristol.

This is an honest listing. Please consider these things before you book to avoid disappointment.
PAGE 3 for disability details. Please email any queries.

Very old historic building, 500 years old, romantic, quirky. If you want sharp, metallic, straight lines, gleaming surfaces, high tech., this is not for you. Centuries old historic stone and marble means stone dust in corners (no effect on allergies as far as I know and I get sinusitis easily, no reports of discomfort from anyone else).
Currently the hard floors (kitchen, bathroom) are due to be replaced next month in a gap between bookings. In spite of thorough cleaning between each booking, they do not look perfect. Bathroom floor is a stupid white tile effect – not my choice. But it IS all kept clean.
No smoking either indoors or in the front doorway. Smoke alarms are illegal to switch off.
No TV, radio, or music system, kept deliberately restful. (Bookshelf with varied reading, free WIFI.)
No shower (Strong hairwash shower on bath taps does an acceptable mini shower.)
No air conditioning (normal in UK buildings).
Not suitable for children as vintage furniture, no child safety provision.
No parties or group events. This is a quiet retreat apartment.
No washing machine/ drier. Laundry, ironing service a few steps away, with delivery.
No pets. My cat may have been in residence recently so cat allergics may need anti-histamines.
Your messages are very promptly checked and I give careful replies with all information needed including local resources, but I am 1 hour 20 mins away for making a help visit. I can call on local trades for emergencies.

Please email any queries.

Fluffy hot water bottles and fluffy blanket for cosy comfort after your journey.

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Introduction, description, main photos, see Ty Non PAGE 1
PAGE 3 for disability details. PAGE 4 History of the house.  PAGE 5 PRICES
Please email any queries.